Effective Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone balance plays an important role in how we look, feel, and function. If you are having symptoms such as mood swings and irritability, trouble sleeping, loss of libido, skin problems, weight management, or changes in skin appearance, then maybe it is time to have your hormones evaluated.

At Irsfeld Pharmacy, we believe hormone balance is vital for an optimal health and we'll help you get there.

Find Out More About Hormone Testing and Other Processes

Hormone testing:
There are many options available to test your hormone levels. Irsfeld Pharmacy will help you decide which testing method is right for you. If you've already been tested and need help with your results, provide us with a copy and we will help you understand them.

Saliva testing:
Panels usually range from $170.00 - $260.00.

Cycle Panel: This is a comprehensive saliva test that is done 11 times throughout your monthly cycle. The panel generally bills for $290.
Collections: The collections are done in the privacy of your own home and the number of samples varies depending on your needs.

Blood spot testing:
Blood spot testing for hormones and thyroid are also available.
Hormone Testing

Detailed Treatment Plans

The Comprehensive Approach - $125
(This plan is for women who want a ‘hands on’ approach to their therapy)
  • Shawnel will review your labs and consult with your provider for a comprehensive treatment plan
  • Your adrenal and thyroid health will be evaluated as a part of a holistic approach to your total body balance
  • Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help you reach your optimal health
  • After the first and the third month, you will have a 15-minute consultation and review of symptoms to ensure you are making improvements
  • After 3 - 6 months, we can review and further adjust your treatment if needed
  • Consultations for our out-of-town patients can be done by phone or video conferencing
For patients who have already established a provider, received their testing, and prescription for their hormone therapy. Shawnel will provide you information on your dosage form and how to get further refills (this is a complementary package).

Here Is Where to Start

  • Choose a provider
  • Decide with your provider the testing method you would like to use to evaluate your hormone levels
  • Choose a treatment plan that best fits your needs
  • Schedule a consultation with pharmacist Shawnel Decker to outline therapy options and treatment goals
If you want to customize your treatment plan, we can do that also. 1/2-hour consultations available upon appointment for $60 per 1/2 hour.
We provide same-day services. Contact us.

"Great people... Keep in contact checkup from time to time to make sure everything is ok."

- Shannon Loyd Olson

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